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Lami’ah Momoh

Lami’ah Momoh  -  With an educational background in law,  Lami’ah is an entrepreneur who uses the Network marketing model as leverage.  Her network Marketing career started a little over 10 years ago with her first company Ardyss International. (The makers of the popular body magic) was a huge success.  Lami’ah Momoh was singularly responsible for persuading the owners of Ardyss International to expand their business outside the USA space a feat that took her the whole of 4 months…    She built teams of over 35,000 distributors in 14 countries. She headed the fastest growing team in the company and together, they broke all the records the company set. Lami’ah flew to the topmost ladder of the company within 6 months jumping 4 ranks on the way and helped several other distributors do the same. 
She is a Network Marketing Leader extraordinaire, very supportive of her team and the momentum and skills she brings to the table cannot be ignored. A natural born MLM leader, Which is why when she leads a team the whole team succeeds, she believes in empowerment through network marketing, as far as she is concerned there is no excuse not to make it in network marketing especially if you have the right compensation plan and quality products, all you need is drive, determination and a willingness to learn.
 The Detoxify, Oxygen Colon cleanse, is the most effective colon cleanse on the face of the earth, it 100% works, there are loads of testimonials on weight loss, clear headedness, energy and flat tummies..

The Sterling Herbal Myola Gourmet Tea is made from one of the most expensive spices in the world ‘Cardamom’, it is extremely beneficial for addressing a host of ailments, our tea also contains cinnamon, ginger and other plant extracts that are vital to living a healthy life.  The tea is packed full of powerful antioxidants, one of the most powerful teas in the world.

All products have been hand picked and are manufactured by the best in the business in different parts of the world.  Lami’ah has been there herself and because she was fed up of people not making any money in the MLM industry coupled with products either being too hard to sell or not working, she decided to put together revolutionary products that everyone needs and wants and a mind blowing compensation plan that is guaranteed to change the lives of everyone who decides to partner with Unending Heights. 
Whether you become a preferred customer and just buy the products for consumption or to resell or you become a distributor, you have nothing to lose. 
We would be happy to welcome you on board, partner with us, because, here, history is being created and the future is being revealed...

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